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6 Trends in #E-learning #Design & Development – #eLearning Video

14 junio, 2017

Los #Paradigmas del #E-Learning

12 junio, 2017

The Future of #Learning

7 junio, 2017

¿Qué es el #elearning?

31 mayo, 2017

#Investigación 2.0: La #ciencia compartida

1 abril, 2016

Charla sobre Investigación 2.0: La ciencia compartida, presentada en la Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería (Managua, Nicaragua)

El objetivo es: Identificar la relación existente entre la investigación científica y la web 2.0, sus posibilidades de aplicación y principales herramientas que ésta ofrece para el desarrollo de la ciencia.


  • Web 2.0
  • Investigación o Ciencia 2.0
  • Uso de herramientas de la web 2.0 en la actividad científica
  • Importancia de la web 2.0 para el desarrollo de la actividad científica
  • Identidad digital
  • Indicadores para medir el impacto y la visibilidad de la investigación en la web 2.0

Using Social Media for Research

22 agosto, 2012

Today nearly a Billion people use Facebook, and more than 500 million use Twitter to connect, share and interact with one another. YouTube receives more than 4 Billion video views per day, millions of people blog, and there are than more than 14 million articles on Wikipedia. Social Media today is impacting every aspect of our lives whether it is our social, working, education or family life.
However, what about using social media for collaborating in research projects and communicating scientific knowledge?

This presentation explores how social media can be and is used to play a critical role in the full academic research cycle. We will look at how we can use a variety of social media tools to collaborate on identifying, creating, quality assuring and disseminating scientific knowledge. For example today, many doctors are using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Blogs to share and discuss their latest research with their fellow professionals and the public. By doing so, their work is sometimes being peer-reviewed by hundreds of experts around the world, empowering a more impactful learning and research experience.

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